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Here we present to you the Arcanum Arcanorum

Order of St. Germain of the United States of America 

Our Mission

 1. Our mission is to bring together like minds and high standards who is best worked and best agreed of a society of gentlemen and Ladies for the better good of themselves, young scholars and the country.

2. To oversee and work behind the scene in the transition from the degenerating European, American and Asiatic monarchies to the new relativity  Democratic Republic which would provide the environment necessary for both intellectual and creative expression.

3. To facilitate the development of the new science and Technology  which would make possible  the economic base and educational system which would result in a more enlightened  humanity.

4.To maintain the aristocratic ideal camaraderie of a good society to all whom are pleased to attach themselves while exercising an incomprehensible  influence on each other. 

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Le Comte De Saint Germain

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