Birth of the Order in the United States

In 2016, Master Hierophant, Nakiim Bey was invited to Israel,  Jaffa the old city to attend the WAEO as a guest.


Surprisingly, while there he was invited to be initiated in the Menorah Order of the Golden Rose and the Arcanum Arcanorum Order of Saint Germain, by International Master Hierophant Alexander Rybalka who was practicing the Order there.


After the initiations, Master Hierophant Bey was granted two patents unexpectedly, by  International Master Hierophant Rybalka to practice the following in America:  

One  - The Menorah Order of the Golden Rose which consists of Seven Degrees and


Two - the Arcanum Arcanorum Order of Saint Germain which consists of one Ceremony.


He was charged by Rybalka to bring both orders to the New World. Bey did; however he choose to do so gradually, due to the sacredness of the Orders. It was not until 2019, he  choose to  bring it to light in America. 

Master Hierophant Nakiim Bey

Arcanum Arcanorum

Order of St. Germain - USA

International Master Hierophant Alexander Rybalka

Arcanum Arcanorum

Order of St. Germain  - Israel

Biography of Master Hierophant Tau: Nakiim Bey:  


Nakiim Bey has a BA in Social Science from the College of New Rochelle, the Rosa Parks Campus,  He had the privilege of meeting Soror Rosa Parks in 1994. - He  received  his certification and completed the Executive Leadership Program from Cornell University LIR in Executive Leadership,  Negotiation and Coaching. 


 Seeking the light: In 1986, the Master Hierophant became a student of free masonry.  This led him into the Memphis Rite of 96th degrees and later into Memphis and Misraim of 100 degrees.  


Shortly after, he became a student of the Rosicrucian order, Martinist and the inner circle of Elu Cohen by way of  initiated by Tau Allen Greenfield not only in the Martinist  and Elu Cohen  but also the Brotherhood of Light as the Grand Master of Light. Through the laying on of hands,  he later was  appointed/anointed/raised up as a Gnostic Bishop.


Later he received the 66th degree of Patriarch Consecrator from Grand Hierophant Juan Velez Nunez. He has been a member of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York since 1997 to date, even though he was a member of PHA in 1986.


He is a Noble of International Shriners. He served as the first Moorish Royal Patron, Grand Commissioner of Appeals and State Representative of Quebec Canada for Court of Amaranth.


Mr. Bey is a proud member of the One Hundred Black Men of New York Founding Chapter, Co- Chair of Mentoring and a Board member.


He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated (the first collegiate African-American  Fraternity) founded at Cornell University, Ithaca New York in 1906.

Mr. Bey currently serves as the Master Hierophant of the Arcanum Arcanorum Order of Saint Germain here in North America, an androgynous society. It can be ranked, but not mirrored in the category of the Zodiac Club, Sigma Pi Phi, Oxford Club, Bahi B’nai and the Bellka elite of Bulgaria, society, and the like. The Membership consist of Moors, Jews, Greeks, African American, and Russians throughout the world. 

Distinguished Companions of the Arcanum Arcanorum Order of St. Germain

@2019  - Arcanun Arcanorum Order of St. Germain

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