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Lineage of the Order of St. Germain

I. Who is the Count of St. Germain? 

Comte De Saint Germain was the son of the Prince of Transylvania, Franz-Leopold Ragoczy and his first wife.  A member of a royal family of noble birth, he was said to be of Jewish and Asiatic descent. Many of his associates were men and women of influence.  Although he was known by his inner circle and the Elite, Count Saint Germain was somewhat of a mystery to many and lived virtually unknown to the commoners. This to the reader makes the report valid as many of you today have never heard of this adept or the society he founded.


He was a man of distinction. He believed in charity and was a person to humanity.  Just as he was very private in his general affairs, he gave in private. He set in Council with Kings, Princes and Ministers of the elites of European royalty, Asiatic nations, and affluent socialites. So, may we continue the legacy. 


He appeared in different places at different times. His travels were something like Calisastro and the Black Mirror. His history is protected like the History of Jack De Molay discovered in the 33rd degree Council of Liberation.  He is also mentioned in the 12th Temple Degree monographs of AMORC Rosicrucian Order. Therefore, this Mystic Circle best explains the Mystery Adept his own life’s journey. 


 He assumed many names in the 17th century.  He adopted the pseudonym “Sanctus Germano”; used Graf Tzarogy as an alias; and the more familiar and well-known name of Francis Bacon is his as well.  


SAINT GERMAIN´s Cosmic Name is "FREEDOM".  He is the Cosmic Father of the people of America.  SAINT GERMAIN´s work for the freedom of mankind began in civilization seventy thousand years ago. During which time a whole civilization could have been raised into the ASCENSION had they continued to give obedience instead of becoming more and more rebellious.  


His work has been much more concerned with the human and physical realm than that of the other Masters.  He worked for two hundred years here in AMERICA before definite results began to manifest. This was brought about through the activity of the "I AM" instruction.  This important work has been the protection, purification and enlightenment of the people, especially in America and the purification of the Beings of the elements.  Whether they gave obedience or not, Saint Germain took on the responsibility for the students.


When an ASCENDED MASTER does that and the necessary obedience is not given then He must make up for that and give a balance to the great Law  through application and Cosmic service, at inner levels.


SAINT GERMAIN was not so active in THEOSOPHY, but instead He was building a momentum at inner levels and making preparation for the time when He would focus His ray in action in the  outer again.  This He  did in  the early nineteen-thirties through THE I AM ACTIVITY.

His work with mankind has been very great and through all of that He has developed much patience with the people of EARTH.  We know  little of what He went through to gain His eternal Freedom.  It was far greater than what any of mankind has to encounter today.  Therefore, He had the wisdom, strength and courage to bring forth the I AM instruction and accomplished  (in a  few  years)  what none other had been able to do.


SAINT  GERMAIN  was  a  priest  in  THE  TEMPLE  OF  PURIFICATION and THE  TEMPLE  OF VIOLET FLAME on ATLANTIS. Until  He qualified  to become guardian of THE VIOLET FLAME and THE CHOHAN OF THE SEVENTH RAY, He received training at inner levels (both while in embodiment and in between embodiments), in divine alchemy at ARCHANGEL Zadkiel’ TEMPLES over Cuba through the centuries after the sinking of ATLANTIS.


II. Society affiliations:


 He was affiliated with and established several schools. He represented the Free Masons of France at the Paris Convention; He educated Cagliostro whom in 1776 and others wrote the Declaration of Independence for the United states of America; and is accredited as the founder of Egyptian Masonry. Saint Germain also taught Mesmer who was the founder of animal magnetism. He was a very prominent Rosicrucian and very acquainted with Saint Martinez and Pasquale, as well as the inner circle of Elu Cohen. He was a member of several other societies which some he also established.


Members of AA of the Order of Saint Germain have the opportunity to branch off into these studies if they choose to.

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