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The Origin of the Order:


The Arcancum Arcanorum Order of Saint Germain was founded by Le Comte De St. Germain  in  1700's,   as  an Aristocratic fraternity exclusively for first class members.  These members were well established and highly distinguished gentlemen and ladies of a well to do society.


The Order of Saint Germain has retained its mystic teachings of the Angelic beings (Holy Bible), Ancient system of wisdom of Tehuti(Hermes) along with Ancient Freemasonry prior to the seven crusade wars, and the Cabala of Tetragrammaton.


The Order has attracted Martinis, Freemasons, Rosicrucian and like members past and current with impeccable standards in society.


Now for the first time in history this society is being introduced in the new world- The United States of America, whereby this prestigious, mystic circle and exclusive order shall admit men and women of distinction, those accomplished in science, Government, law, medicine and politics for the advancement of North America and other respectable countries.  Current locations of the Order can be found in the following countries: Israel, Bulgaria, Macedonia,  Serbia, and now the United States.

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